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Note that all of these FAQs date from before the implementation of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EU) Directive. They shold not be relied upon in 2015 or later. But they do provide a bit of interesting historic detail, and some of them are still up to date.

Section: Telephone and Direct Mail Fundraising

Does the giving behaviour of people registered with the Telephone Preference differ from those not on TPS?


Not very much seems to be the answer

There are big arguments to be had about the extent to which TPS applies to those with whom we have a relationship and where the person we are calling has provided the phone number to us. Equally, does TPS apply to people with whom we have a relationship and to whom we send a precall letter with an opt-out where we have obtained the phone number from some source other than the alum?

To begin to answer these questions I did some analysis of the behaviour of people on TPS against those not on TPS to see whether their behaviour in terms of both solicitation response and giving was significantly different from those not on TPS.

Having run current phone number data against TPS, I looked at all the people we had ever phoned, and within that group the proportion of people who are donors who are TPS registered. This showed that the TPS positive group was one we certainly could not afford to ignore, since many of them had become donors. In fact there was only a difference of 5% or so.

Proportion of donors who are TPS registered

Next I looked at the types of gift that TPS people tend to make, as opposed to those not on TPS. This seemed to show a very marginal preference for single rather than more regular gifts. (Pledges in our terms are fixed term gifts, while recurring ones are open-ended.)
Gift Types by TPS Preference
And then I looked at the way people behave on the telephone, depending on whether they were TPS positive or not. This did show some difference, with TPS people more likely to say "Hard No" and almost twice as likely to request not to be called using a precall opt-out. The depression on the Specified and Unspecified response rate was around 22%.

The conclusion I draw is that people are less likely to pledge if they are TPS positive, but overall, they are only about 5% less likely to give. Does this mean they are less likely to give a "kind" answer on the phone, and say that they will give while actually not indending to than those not on TPS?

Response Type by TPS Preference
Finally I looked to check that there was not a significant depression in donations by TPS positive people when solicited by direct mail. I did this to check that there was no propensity by TPS positive people to be opposed to charitable giving to the University. I found the opposite.

Overall around 25% of our alumni with known phone numbers are TPS positive, and when Direct Mailed, we found that this group made 34% of all gifts solicited by Direct Mail from people with phone numbers. This suggests that TPS positive people have a slight preference to be solicited by mail, (supporting the apparently odd initial result that past Hard Nos were the best performing Direct Mail group on two consecutive occasions.) But remember that the overall response rate to Direct Mail was around 2% as opposed to the usual 10% or so on the telephone.

Any comments appreciated!

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