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Note that all of these FAQs date from before the implementation of the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EU) Directive. They shold not be relied upon in 2015 or later. But they do provide a bit of interesting historic detail, and some of them are still up to date.

Section: E-Fundraising

Who do you use to do on-line gift payment processing, and how does it work?


We have used as a PSP - or payment services provider. This allows integration into our own web pages. Those making payments fill in all the stuff at our site, are directed seamlessly through Secpay's, and back to ours.

When someone comes to our site we collect information about who they are, how much they want to give, and to which cause within the University. When they click the "next" button we validate this information, and present them with a summary of what they have asked us to do. Then they click "give" and this takes the data off to SecPay who collect their credit card details. They click a third button and this instructs SecPay to take their money. Whether or not this transaction is succesful, SecPay's website calls a web page from our site which uses a programme called "php" to write a line into a database in Durham telling us all the information that was collected at the first page, and whether or not the transaction was successful.

Secpay instructs the paying bank to send us the money, and then it all arrives with us through our normal Barclays Merchant Services account. For us this method has the advantage that it writes information into a database of our own as the payments are being made.

Secpay make a per month plus per transaction charge, and then you have to pay Barclays as well.

You can see how some if it works at If you want to see all of it, then your gifts will be willingly and gratefully accepted.

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